Beautiful Generations {Perham, Minnesota Family Photographer}

These wonderful ladies came to the studio for makeovers, mimosas and, of course, some beautiful heirloom portraits…
The sisters ::

Momma and her beautiful girls!!
FOUR lovely generations!:)

Grandma Zoe and her beautiful girls!

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Are you looking for a reason to celebrate YOURself?

Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and forget about the most important person we know…. ourselves.

It’s easy to give, give, give, give, give to others… whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, children, friends or even family.

Soon you’re ready to move to a remote island with nothing more than a good book and a barrel of rum just to recapture some sanity.

…..aaaaand well…. most of us don’t have that luxury:)

Realizing you need to take care of yourself FIRST so you can continue to love on others is really an eye opening thing!

Sometimes (and I know this is trivial) it would even be nice to go to the bathroom. Alone. Knowing full well the house won’t explode whilst your children are unattended for the 3 minutes you ask for!!;)

Anyway… back to my thoughts!

Some of us are transforming our bodies to be healthier. Some are transitioning through life’s phases. Some are just appreciating what they have and loving themselves with all they’ve got.

…and how great that you’ve documented your journey so that your children, spouse, family & loved ones will remember this 1-5-20-50 years from now.

What? No photos? I’m sure you have a phone, tablet or other device capable of the act, right?

The problem with that is getting beautiful images that are displayed, and held in your hands, for you to literally hand to your family. Think that’s not so important? When’s the last time your phone died and you lost all your precious pictures??????? See? I told you.

….buuuut enough about me…

I want you to schedule a portrait shoot if you’ve done something courageous, momentous, amazing or just survived a day being human.

Be in photographs for your kids and family.

You are someone who is loved and I want to capture you for all time.

Miss Joie {Detroit Lakes Baby Photographer}

Miss Joie visited with her momma and grandma for a sweet little milestone session… I love capturing these ‘in-between’ times, because they’re just so sweet!

…and did this girl KNOW how to blow some mean bubbles:)

My stylist is amazing… and then I cut my hair off!

Soooooooooo the irony of this post is that of… I wanted to do a before and after of MYSELF, showing off the talents of my beautiful stylist!

Well… after our play date I ended up putting it on the back burner to get other work done. In the mean time, I decided to get a hair cut. Knowing FULL well that it would be something different… but maybe not *this* different:)LOL

So :: The bottom RIGHT is my before photo.
The TOP photo is AFTER Alyssa did my hair and makeup.
…and the bottom LEFT photo is me as of now sans nearly all my hair!!
It was time for a change!
Seriously. Everyone does this sorta thing, right?

(I feel like there are literally THREE different people in this little series… one for each personality maybe??? HA!!)

Baby Owen {Perham, Minnesota Newborn Photographer}

Owen and his momma and daddy visited at the studio for some sweet newborn snuggles… ahhhh… so tiny and handsome!

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Summer at Grandma & Grandpa’s :: Minnesota Lakes Area Photographer

Starting out summer in Minnesota with a gathering at The Lake House! I love me the outtakes of this beautiful family:)

…and of course a beautiful image of their FIVE gorgeous granddaughters!

Summer is SHORT, so make plans for that family photo session! At the lake, at the farm or in a boat:) // 218.346.5420

Cinco reasons to do a consultation ::

It’s the Fifth of May (Cinco de Mayo) and in a completely unrelated tangent… I’ve always wanted to travel to Mexico City to see the architecture, culture and history… Maybe some day;)

But NOW for CINCO reasons to come in for a consultation at the studio ::

1) We should really meet face to face. Kind of like being friends before going on a date and investing time in each other.

2) I can show you what I can do for you. No tricks here, no smoke and mirrors… just finding a path that we will be traveling on during our time together.

3) We’ll brainstorm ideas.

4) We’ll make a game plan.

5) …and since studio 60 is a full service studio, we’ll talk about how you’ll get your hair and makeup done… because we do that, too;)

On that note… I want to share with you my PINTEREST BOARD with all things girly… from slinky & sexy to coordinating the family, IT’S THERE!

Deciding how you want to be photographed is the biggest decision of all… and having ideas based on your personality, your vision, the recipient of the portraits – if it’s not just for you! All those ideas come in to play when deciding about your session. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but ALL the time it’s fun.

Call me today ~ especially since there’s a great offer going on this month ~ which means there’s NO excuses!

Real. Classic. Beautiful. // 218.346.5420

A gift for YOU!

A new space to share with all of our beautiful clients… and I’d love to share a special offer with you!

Don’t put off an opportunity to have a beautiful image of yourself with your mother, with your daughters, or with all three generations if you’re blessed to have that.

The WHOLE month of May is dedicated to Mom! (…and Sisters, Grandmas, Daughters, Aunties or even your best girl friends!)

The making of a mother :: A birth story

My dear cousin.

An old soul in a young woman’s body. A spitfire. A gentle heart.

Mourning the loss of a sweet baby that God decided was too good for this earth.

…then given the chance to hold a baby again.

A little brother to Bentley who watches down from above.

It’s a strange and wonderful place to see a Mother being born, for each child brings to the surface a new set of fears, hopes and dreams… especially after being there myself 3 times:)

Forget the sleepless nights and the tears of doubt and struggle. Remember the eyes so bright and wide that look up to you. The sweet moment when they close and drift off to dream. Look forward to the hugs and laughter… which will be equally met with trouble and discipline! Always knowing that being a mother changes you in ways you don’t understand but hopefully always for the better.

I can’t even tell you the JOY that was in my heart watching this story unfold, and being a witness to something so beautiful! I wish I had memories like this from my girls being born…

Here is a tiny peek in to Baby Brock’s first few moments ::

Stay tuned for a fantastic opportunity to share the love of MEMORIES!
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Social Media & Makeovers

I live vicariously through my friends’ adventures.

There. I said it.

I’d like to think that someday I’ll be sharing photos of my own rendezvous, but until then I am sucked in to the vortex of children, business and farming. …ok, I don’t really farm, but my husband is married to one, and that’s where my excuses fall;)(Blame the husband, right? LOL)

Enough about that!

Did I mention that I’m moving in to a new space in Perham? On Main Street? In town? ON MAIN STREET?

I really am excited to spread my wings a bit and try on a different atmosphere and to not have to clean my house all the time:)

I’m going to plan an Open House for the warmer weather to come – I love a good party! So in the mean time ~ start planning for all things photo related… it’s going to be a busy summer!!

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A throwback to the beautiful weather of 2013:)


~ A

f a c e b o o k
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