Class of 2016 at studio 60 photographic art

I have to admit… The reason I love photographing the High School Senior market HAS TO BE the diversity of interests, life goals, backgrounds, dreams and ambitions of the girls [and guys] that I photograph…

Getting them to tell me what their future plans are… and helping them create fun and meaningful memories of where they are right now is a powerful place to be! So many times I feel that people just slip in to a rut without realizing the adventures that are surely to come their way.

Being bold and taking chances is all a part of life, and I hope that EVERY one who has ever had a dream, makes a conscious effort to work towards it:)

A favorite quote from Maya Angelou ::

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Check out the second half of Auroura’s Senior Portrait Experience…. wowza.

SO! Dear Class of 2016, please get in touch if you have ANY questions about our Senior Portrait Experience at studio 60. I’d love to share in your journey! | (218)346-5420

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Class of 2016 Senior Portraits

Dear Class of 2016!
I love, love, LOVE doing High School Senior Photos… and at studio 60 we make sure it’s all about the experience:)

Besides planning out your custom photo session – with favorite outfits, activities, interests, locations, etc – we also make you feel like a princess for a day with professional hair and makeup styling, wardrobe consultations and of course, our signature editing that ensures everything is in it’s right place.

[LISTEN UP GUYS – I photograph the boys, too and I promise it’s still a cool experience ~ aaaaaand we’ll only mess with your hair if you want us to!]

Top it off with BEAUTIFUL products that will show off all your favorite images – whether digitally or on the wall – and you’ll be thinking about your session for years to come!

If you’d like more information about our Senior Sessions, know any of our Senior Reps, or just have general [but always important] questions… please give me a holler! | (218)346-5420

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The SENIOR PORTRAIT MODEL EXPERIENCE | Perham, Detroit Lakes Senior Portraits

Be the star. Exist in portraits.

The Senior Portrait MODEL Experience at studio 60 photographic art.

Beautiful Portraits

A little BEFORE, DURING & AFTER in the studio:)

I can’t get over the giggling and carrying on we were doing:)…makes for great images LOL

Exist in photographs for your loved ones… and receive a beautiful makeover to boot!
To learn more, email Amanda at

Family & Summer in the Lakes Area

We’re heading in to SUMMER and soaking up as much of the beautiful weather as we can during these precious few months!

Most families are planning their get-togethers, family reunions, birthday parties and casual gatherings at the lakes and of course, thinking of family photos (right?!?!)!

Whilst an individualized family session is always ideal (to get to know the family/kids, etc) to be able to create something truly unique and beautiful… sometimes it’s just as important to document everyone being together.

It’s always a great honor to photograph my clients, because I know how much the images are cherished.

My sales pitch is short ~ HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER to photograph your family:)

Contact Amanda at for more info!!

Serving the Otter Tail & Becker County areas.

We love our Dads!

Sometimes it’s hard to get the Dads in front of the camera… but what a fantastic memory you will have when you do! Don’t miss out on this chance to book a session with dad, grandpa, uncle… or any fella who steps in to love on your kids:)As a THANK YOU, you’ll receive a beautiful Desk Art Print for displaying or I can wrap it up to have it ready for sharing, too!

FUNDRAISER (perham | detroit lakes photographer)

Hello friends!

During the month of MAY we are offering a suuuuuuper sweet deal here at studio 60!

Spring MINI Sessions at the studio… with 10% of the package cost GOING BACK to two of our area schools.

Now ~ invites were given to the families of those two schools, but if you would like to book this for yourself, just tell me which school your child attends and I will gladly donate to their school as well! That’s $15 dollars from EVERY session back to the school… think of all the glitter that could buy!!! LOL

With that being said, there’s an awesome, steal-of-a-deal, super savings, bonus, think-of-the-kids incentive to UPGRADE that MINI session, BUT! you’ll have to call or email me to find out what that is:)


If YOU have a favorite school in mind, and would like to set up a similar fundraising effort, please get in touch!

Have a great week my friends!

Perham Just For Kix (perham | detroit lakes photographer)

This weekend wrapped up the NINTH YEAR I’ve been watching my oldest daughter in Just For Kix. Seriously. Time is flying!
These girls are so fun to watch, not only their routines, but their skills, friendships and dedication to dancing as well.
For the full recap of my “Mom With A Camera” captures, head over to the studio 60 facebook page and check out more images there:)

Senior Portrait BOGO Sale (perham | detroit lakes photographer)

To the CLASS OF 2016!!

During the month of JUNE you can save money on your Senior Portrait MODEL Experience ~ by getting your best friend (cousin, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend) to book their senior session with studio 60!

This allows you to split the difference with your session fee, making it only $125 each! All the same perks apply: a consultation, hair & makeup styling the day of your shoot, and your own gallery of beautiful images to purchase from.

If you would like to book your session together on the same day, please get in touch ASAP! There are limited (dual) dates available!

Check out our website for more High School Senior portraits!

Your Beautiful Portraits (perham | detroit lakes photographer)

I had a genuine, eye opening, conversation the other day with a (pretty much) complete stranger and wow – I can’t get it out of my mind.

We were talking about business and what it is that ‘studio 60′ does, and in a simple comment I realized I am on my right path.

What this young lady I was speaking to said – while looking around my studio at the beautiful images on the walls, with an album in her hands – “This… THIS… is what I wanted when I’ve had portraits done before, and I didn’t get it.”

The “IT” being… a beautiful photo she could hold in her hands. Something to share with her kids as they grow older. A memory frozen in time, but not just ‘on a disk’ to never be looked at. An experience that allows you to look at your images and remember that exact moment, that place in your life.

In a world with it’s impatient desires, and a camera in nearly every phone.. it’s no wonder people lose the meaning of a real portrait; and it’s my job to help you see it’s importance.

Let me ask you. If you were to walk in to my studio and see a static, USB drive hanging on the wall / or lying on the table – would you ohhhh and aaahhhh over it? Probably not the same way you stop and look at all the beautiful faces, memories and moments frozen in time that are there right now.

It’s no wonder I’ve had a camera in my hand my whole life, or that images are so important to me. It’s so much more than a business. It’s telling stories by making a photograph you’ll treasure forever… and I’d love to hear your story.

Come, sit. Tell me your story.

f a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t