So you wanna be a model??

Then you are in the RIGHT place!

studio 60 is taking applications for SENIOR PORTRAIT MODEL REPS who will be graduating with the Class of 2016!

What does that mean exactly?

Well… you get in touch with Amanda first. I share some info with you – like, all the dirt about the sessions (yes, SESSIONS), the DISCOUNTS! and a few of the sweet bonuses and perks that go along with all of that:)

The deal is that you need to get in touch ASAP! because we begin our first round of shoots in FEBRUARY!!

If you think you might be a good fit for our studio – and want FUN, CREATIVE, ORIGINAL high school senior portraits, then I want to hear from you!

PHONE :: 218.346.5420
WEB ::
FACEBOOK :: studio 60 photographic art

Fill out this survey to be considered for this awesome deal!

Closing the books on 2014!

…and what a year it’s been!

Between home and business it’s been a year of changes and adjustments… all the girls in school, moving the biz to town and everyone just being… a year older!

Today starts a NEW, fresh outlook for everything and I’m excited to see what 2015 will bring!!

It’s going to be a REAL. CLASSIC. BEAUTIFUL. year;)


Holy SMOKES! This fall is zipping away faster than ever and I wanted to make sure to stop in… shake the crazy off and say HELLO!

Have you been thinking of a photo session?

Are you putting it off ‘UNTIL LATER’ for some reason or another??

Well, here’s an AWESOME incentive to put “PHOTO SESSION with AMANDA” on your calendar with a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY offer going on NOW, through Saturday, November 29th! (Small Business Saturday).

Yes. You heard me right!

Purchase a gift certificate for yourself… your neighbor… your spouse… your upcoming high school senior… your next family portrait session…

(D) – all of the above.;)

Dollars purchased will be good towards session fees and product beginning Jan 1st, 2015.

Past, present and new clients are all welcome to join in on the fun!

DOUBLE YOUR MONEY at studio 60!

• You may purchase as many Gift Certificates as you wish.
• NOT responsible for hounding you to book your appointment!
• Our calendar fills 3+ weeks in advance, so please book early for the most opportune session times!
• Your session fee of $250 is the first thing to be covered by this Gift Certificate!
• NO CHANGE will be given for unused portions of your Gift Certificate.
• Not available with other offers.
• Remaining balances are non-transferable, sorry!
SMILE! You’re doubling your money!

Robby | Hastings, Minnesota High School Senior Photographer

Mother Nature supplied a beautiful summer evening for capturing images of Robby with some of his favorite things in the North Country!

We might need to photoshop a state record fish in there somewhere!

Ahhhhh summer, I wish you weren’t so fleeting! How I love photographing in the beautiful outdoors!

Get in touch to learn more about the studio 60 Senior Portrait Experience, or to request additional information!

~ Amanda

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As most of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and THIS year, I wanted to come up with a (hopeful) tradition… to get people in the studio and get past the excuses.

We all talk about our bodies – the good, bad and the ugly – and how SMALL are some of those worries when we probably know someone: a mother, daughter, or sister perhaps… who has had part of her body cut away from this disease.

I want to put a call out for all women, but especially those who’ve been dealing with cancer.
I want to share your story.
I want to share how beautiful YOU are, even if you might not feel as such.
Please throw away the thoughts of “Maybe later”, because sometimes, there is no later.

So please, be brave and take the opportunity to EXIST IN PHOTOGRAPHS.

You are someone who is loved, and I want you to be remembered for all time.

The Pilgrim Family | Perham, MN Family Photographer

Ohhhhhhhhhhh what a beautiful day…. what a beautiful family:)

It’s so wonderful to spend time with people and just shoot the bull… have a brew… and play pin-ball:)
Much love friends!
~ Amanda

Minnesota High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I finished up my senior brochure. …and now I’m working on the digital book version (with a little more info) to send out when sessions are booked! YAY!
I’ve had the opportunity to photograph High School Seniors from cities and towns all over the state and I can’t wait to share what’s in store for the upcoming graduating classes!

I am now taking requests and bookings for the class of 2016, so if you’d like me to send you more info, please get in touch!

You can email ::

You can facebook message me ::

You can call, too ::

In denial that our children grow up {Perham, Minnesota Family Photographer}

I will be honest. There are MANY times I just don’t see the forest for the trees. Sure, I’m watching my own girls growing up, becoming their own person and for the love, one is nearly taller than me and I ask myself, “when the hell did that happen?”
So when I see friends and their kids… I’m generally thinking the same thing… It’s amazing, since we never age, right?
Meet the Guck’s.

Handsome boys.

….and I dug this one out of the archives because momma wanted to recreate this shot from 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE!!! Where have those five years gone??

It was great visiting and hanging out with the mosquitoes:)Aaaaahhhh summer!

Have you captured YOUR family yet this year?;)Call me :: 218.346.5420

I love all things summer {Minnesota Family Photographer}

Ohhhhhh I just love summer evenings… the dusky sky, the cool evening air, the mosquitoes and deer flies… Ok, never mind those. I just love summer and I love capturing a beautiful family in the great outdoors.
Meet Alyssa – our stylist that works her magic on studio 60 clients – and her little family.

Have I mentioned I love summer??? HASHTAG SUMMER BABY #summerbaby

Yeah, uhm… I’m sure Baby GAP is looking for their model here:)Amazing what standing still for .28 seconds does, huh? LOL
The G-Man : Energetic, Silly, Handsome, Easily-Distracted-By-The-4-Wheeler, Wild Fire.

Promise me people, we’ll be talking about a canvas for your new house?? LOOOOOOVE this:)

If YOU or anyone you know is wanting a family portrait session before school starts (Uhm, that’s like… 2 weeks people) Get in touch ASAP!

Email me at or call 218.346.5420!

Miss Lily {Perham, Minnesota Baby Photographer}

Miss Lily is part of our Baby Portrait Collection, which means I get to see this little cherub at key points during her FIRST year and watch her grow up!

…can’t forget big sister:)She is quite the helper!
Ohhhhhhh babies, babies… Don’t you just want to pinch her cheeks?:D

If you (or someone you know) are expecting, and would like to learn more about our Baby Portrait Collection, please contact Amanda directly at

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