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I live vicariously through my friends’ adventures.

There. I said it.

I’d like to think that someday I’ll be sharing photos of my own rendezvous, but until then I am sucked in to the vortex of children, business and farming. …ok, I don’t really farm, but my husband is married to one, and that’s where my excuses fall;)(Blame the husband, right? LOL)

Enough about that!

Did I mention that I’m moving in to a new space in Perham? On Main Street? In town? ON MAIN STREET?

I really am excited to spread my wings a bit and try on a different atmosphere and to not have to clean my house all the time:)

I’m going to plan an Open House for the warmer weather to come – I love a good party! So in the mean time ~ start planning for all things photo related… it’s going to be a busy summer!!

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A throwback to the beautiful weather of 2013:)


~ A


Ohhhhh Spring… where fore art thou?

Oh who am I kidding:)it’s been getting progressively nicer outside and I’m really just thankful we’re out of those BELOW zero temps.
We are, aren’t we?

As you ALL may know… I’ve been dreaming of, looking for, designing, thinking of, making-excessive-Pinterest-boards for… a studio space outside of my home.

I looked in Perham, I looked in Detroit Lakes, I looked in Frazee… I even went and talked to the bank manager (big step BTW, I thought I might hurl – but I didn’t die! Shocking!) I realized that these people are all wonderful who have helped me… directed me and shared their insights with me.

…and then? STILL NO LUCK.

I moped through the rest of the season and put it on the back burner in my mind. I evaluated myself, my business and what it really is that I want to be doing. Ok, who am I kidding… that’s an ongoing process…

…and THEN?! A dear friend of mine found a space listed for rent in Perham and I thought… Yep. Uh-huh. Whatever. Nothing I’ve looked at has worked yet and why would this be any different?

Cue the lights! Wake up Amanda! THIS is the space you need right now! …so yesterday… I took a leap of faith and signed a 6 month lease. Scared out of my mind and second guessing myself the whole way.

BUT I’m really excited and what I’m most thrilled about is that it caught me off guard, but at the perfect time. Now or never, baby.
This is exactly what this butterfly needs to dry out her wings and fly:)

**edited to add** I’ve done a LOT of praying and I’ve been trying to do my best to not be discouraged when this LEO heart doesn’t get what she “thinks” she needs! …and ultimately I feel SO GRATEFUL for all the (bumpy) roads that have led me here.:D:D:D

APRIL 1ST is the official date of the space being mine! Business will operate as usual. By Appointment Only. We’re not located in a retail building, so it’s beautifully quiet ~ minus the train:P…and I’m THRILLED to have a space to finally invite clients to!

Don’t worry! We’ll have an open house to show it off, but we’ll wait for summer for that!

I thought I’d break in the space with some KIDS sessions.. being as it’s getting close to Easter and such:)

Use the ‘CONTACT’ button above, or email me at to set up your appointment!

Heeeeeere Spring!!

With the last few days being ABOVE zero (and even a couple above freezing!) my brain is finally realizing it will be warm soon. Hopefully. Maybe?

It’s Mid-March already and all I can think is… wow… it’ll be Easter soon, school is only in session for a couple more months, my Sweet Baby will turn FOUR years old:(and the husband will be off in the fields until the weather turns cold… again.

These are the perils of living in a place where the COLD weather can easily outweigh the WARM.

This forces me to think ahead to summer activities whilst there are mountains of snirt (snow+dirt) piles everywhere!

I have this photo in my dining room so I can see it every day.. and I absolutely love it. Warm weather. My favorite ladies. A wonderful memory.

I’d give anything to have the same with my dad and grandfathers, too… and why does one not realize the significance of this until we’re older? To miss those who are no longer with us? It will be 10 years since my dads passing and it feels like yesterday still! I can hear his voice and feel his bear hugs and just want to SEE him and his smile.

Don’t take a moment for granted ~ love on those you’re with:)Make some beautiful memories!

Much love friends
~ A

A New Year’s (worth of) Resolutions

This should make you laugh considering it’s January 30th and I’m finally writing about them…:)

No, really.

I have my yearly goals printed out and hanging above my desk so I can read them every day and see what steps I should be doing to acquire said goals.

Some are lofty. Some are acts of prioritizing. Some should be on my “Things to do in five years, not 5 months” list…

Nevertheless, they are there. Staring me in the face.

One particular set of goals stays on the board year after year and amongst all the material things I want to accomplish, THESE are the ideas that I work on the hardest ::

Easier said than done, but completely worth the effort;)

Old Man Winter is ruining my MOJO

I rarely dress for the (winter) weather… which one day will have me wearing flip flops whilst butt-cheek deep in a snowbank somewhere… leaving me whining that it’s cold outside and well… I just won’t leave the house. Like, ever. Although… today it is 48° warmer than it was 24 hours ago… AND it’s still only in the 20′s!! {Why is this necessary Mother Nature??} T-shirt weather for sure!

aaaaaand enough about that!

Beautiful Abby came in for some belly photos and is just so stunning! I absolutely LOVE her hair and makeup, too (done by our own fabulous stylist, Alyssa!)

…I can honestly say I DO NOT get baby fever any more. I think it took until my own baby was about 3 years old, though!
I love rocking these tiny beings, with their new baby smell all swaddled up… but I’m more than happy to return them to mom at the end of our time together…:)How I love watching them grow!

Would you like to learn more about our Baby Portrait Collection? Contact Amanda at or use the CONTACT tab above… I’d love to hear from you if you’re expecting!

Emotions and a Litre of Baileys

Baileys you say? Yes dear friends, my preferred creamer of choice in the winter time is Baileys. When my husband and I went on a little road trip… I bought a bottle of wine to have at the hotel. No big deal,right? Until I had a coffee with Baileys after dinner at the restaurant and decided that red wine might not taste so great with that… Cue random trip to the liquor store:)It’s just what you gotta do when it’s cold out… Right? RIGHT?


I wanted to shout out that I’ve had some gorgeous mommas and babies in the studio lately… and my most favorite thing to photograph? Emotions. Connections. Simple beauty without gimmicks or crazy fake expressions.

When I find these gems amongst my work, I stare at them. I often wonder if people see the same thing I do? Some of these images truly speak to me and I pray that my clients feel the same! Amongst the typical captures, to have something that the kids and future grandkids can say.. WOW to, makes me smile.

…and knowing this momma now has THREE very handsome little boys who will know what a strong, beautiful woman looks like is amazing!

Babies, Birthdays & Balmy Weather ::

When you go to the grocery store wearing a sweatshirt instead of a jacket because the temp is a POSITIVE 20 degrees above zero… (A 50 degree change from last week!!!) You know you live in Minnesota… Yes. Really.

ANYWAY, what do you do. I DO NOT like being cold, but I do like how winter gives your body and mind a chance to reset. Like the plants living outside my door… all living in a season… a life cycle. Winter is a time for calm, quiet and dormancy. To regroup for the next season which is right around the corner.:)Unless you’re me with 3 kids who are going bat-sh*t crazy from being in the house for weeks on end:P

AAAAAAND I think that’s the only reason to like winter… besides dreaming of warmer weather! and of course Christmas!

Enough about me!

This little sprout just celebrated her First Birthday! Where has the last 14 months gone {since I photographed momma prior to meeting baby girl}.

Miss Olive:)

…and of course her uber talented momma brought a cake for her to smash… but alas, it was too pretty! (and I don’t think she liked her fingers and toes full of frosting!)

Do you want to learn more about our Baby Portrait Collection??? It’s the best way to get a beautiful timeline of photos of your sweet cherub!

Email me at ::

Winter | Christmas | New Year’s OH MY!

Does it ever seem that the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s just flies by?

Is it because the last few weeks have been ridiculously COLD {We’re talking 20′s and 30′s BELOW zero} and I have zero desire to venture out and make human contact?

Probably… I’m only forced out of the house for family obligations and school events and well… my yoga pants and I are grateful.:)


The studio has been busy with beautiful mommas, sweet Littles and a stir crazy photographer still trying to find a solution in regards to a permanent shooting space that doesn’t look quite so much like my basement…

I always feel like a weirdo when I have people over ::

{Velllcome to my home studio…. I vont you to come to my basement}


On THAT note…
My sweet baby stood still long enough for me to capture a snap for an idea I had to test the light in a new area of the house that I *might* just take over for a new shooting space… leaving my office in the basement, but rearranging a few other things.

It turned out pretty well… it just might mean a new lens to compensate for the tight spaces, but we’ll see about that…

She’s 3 1/2 going on 26… can you tell?:)

Do you shoot weddings??

I get asked this a LOT because… well… I still have my biz info in strategic locations that recommend me;)

I don’t show weddings on my website because it isn’t what I want to be consumed with, but for the right client, looking for the right mix of classic and fun… I’m totally in!

This last season resulted in me SECOND SHOOTING {being an accomplice to another amazing photographer} which fulfilled my love for all things wedding.

This brings me to the evolution of MY ‘Wedding Collection’ choices, as I love the perspective of 2 sets of eyes at any given moment to round out a day filled with details – big & small – MONTHS of preparations and, of course, lotsa love:)

Here’s a link to one of our last weddings together of the season {with A Candid Moment}. It’s on facebook, so you need an account… or at least like BOTH of our pages for Pete’s sake!

SO! If you’re in the market for someone with experience, an eye for detail and a true passion for people in love… don’t hesitate to get in touch as soon as the metal touches your finger!

…and because I can’t help posting a photo with all these words… here is one of my favorite images from a location wedding in the beautiful Park Rapids area.
Aaaahhhhhhhh summer… you hold a special place in my heart:)

Much love friends

The last leaves of Autumn and Senior Portraits, too!

Summer is gone. Autumn is being scared away by the freezing temps and I’m ready for it to snow! The pretty, white ‘stuff’ covers up the dead, brown leftovers until Spring comes again!

A chilly day at the park, but the colors made up for what we lacked in warmth! How I love photographing seniors! Miss Kayla got in on a fall special, but all regular sessions include complimentary hair and makeup styling… Did you know that?:)She’s gorgeous and didn’t need it anyway! …as all of my clients are, but HEY! who doesn’t love a little extra pampering?!?!

Here’s to all of you young’ins graduating this year…:)

f a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t