Free Tip Friday ::


The whirlwind of this month is finally dwindling… Here I thought I would have lots more time than what I did. Go. Figure.

Now it’s time to get some more tips out there!

Here’s a doozer.

If you’re going to run a business of photography :: do so with GUSTO. Get the appropriate tax documents, legal support, professional mentors, wonderful products and learn how to be the best business you can be. Please charge for your time and talent because when I hear you’re ‘Burned Out’ it means you’re working too hard for not enough $$$! {and frankly I don’t feel sorry for you!}

If you are just going to take pictures for FUN :: do so with GUSTO. DO NOT CHARGE PEOPLE OR TAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL. {Because if you are taking money, you are in BUSINESS!!!} Tell them you are just here to have a good time and play around. Tell them up front what they should expect from you and by no means advertise a ‘business’ if you don’t have all of your other ducks in a row.

Everyone is entitled to do what they love so make sure you’re doing what makes you happy!